Contemporary Enamel Art Jewellery by Mahroz Hekmati

"I deeply believe that art, in its many forms, is the ultimate and highest expression and representation of the essence of human beings"

  • yellow, turquoise, green enamel sterling silver pendant

    "Haft Peykar" is an epic medieval Persian romance poem. The story is about the ruler of the Sassanid dynasty, King Bahram Gur, and the seven tales of seven beautiful princesses of seven Climes. He falls in love with these seven beauties and builds a palace containing seven domes for his brides - one for each of the wives. Each of these domes is dedicated to one day of the week, governed by the day's planet and bearing the symbolic colour of the princess. He visits each dome on the correspondent day of the week, where he feasts, drinks and enjoys the company of his bride and listens to her tales about why her colour symbol should represent the colour of love. He repeats this routine every day of the week with no exception.

  • handmade persian jewellery based on seven beauties story

    The seven princesses were:
    • Princess of India: symbolizing black colour, Saturday and planet Saturn
    • Princess of China: bearing the gold or yellow colour, Sunday and the Sun
    • Princess of Khwarazm: green colour, Monday and the Moon
    • Russian princess, red colour, Tuesday and planet Mars
    • Princess of Morocco: the turquoise colour, Wednesday and planet Mercury
    • Princess of Byzantium: sandalwood colour, Thursday and Jupiter
    • Persian princess: white, Friday and Venus
    The "Nizami Ganjavi's Haft Peykar" poem is beyond just a story of beauty, love or festivity. It is a life lesson and teaches us to be brave, wise and generous. That is what compelled me to create this series of collectable pieces of silver pendants, earrings and rings. I used vitreous enamel in each piece to represent the colour that represents each princess and her story.

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I started my journey into jewellery making around 2010 in my second home country, Canada, the city of Montreal. After those initial steps, looking to expand my knowledge and skills in jewellery making and my love for new adventures, I relocated to the United Kingdom. I then enrolled at the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery, an institution with 128 years of history, where I obtained my BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing. It was there where I took an interest in vitreous enamelling and started my journey to become an enamel artist.

I am a painting enthusiast, love poems, romance, nature and travelling - these are the foundations for my inspiration. My work focuses on developing the traditional and classic enamelling art and transforming it with a modern twist to align with today’s styles, trends and tastes. All my designs display a combination of harmonious shapes and contrasting colours, mostly in silver and gold adorned with vitreous enamel. I create unique and original high-quality handmade jewellery and art objects.




    I like all the things that nature has created for centuries. Despite all my admiration for them, I believe it's pointless to replicate what is already exists to perfection. I like to observe these master creations with an eye for detail and then bring in some of those indicated elements into my artworks.


    It is in my historic Victorian-style workshop in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter that the magic happens and where I turn my drawings and sketches into

    one-of-a-kind or heirloom pieces to be enjoyed by present and future generations to come.


    I work closely with my clients to create and design unique handmade pieces with significant sentimental value. These can be wedding or engagement rings, newborn babies’ presents or any other personalized jewellery or art piece that reflects history, romance, or happy moments to remember and celebrate.

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